I enjoyed the pizza but did not get what I ordered. I ode red artichoke red onion and spinach, I got red onion, tomatoes and cauliflower! Still was great, but not what I ordered.
Fast, easy delivery. Food was not good this trip. It's always different and you never know what you'll get. When they first opened food was delicious, but has declined ever since.
always good never fails
Great food, delivered very quickly!
Regarding service. Total bill came to $76.76. When delivery arrived I was told that $66.94 was charged and I owe a balance of 9.82. I questioned why and he showed me the receipt. Not sure why the full amount did not go on the CC. So I gave the driver $10 cash. When I checked my credit card the total $76.76 was charged. Feel like I got cheated.
I placed the order online, for pick up at 5pm. I work in Doral and get out at 4pm, so I thought with Miami Traffic how it is, it would take me the better part of that hour to get to their location. When much to my surprise I found myself in the immediate area about 4:30pm (traffic was light) I called to see if they could up my pick up time. The young lady on the phone was very happy to accommodate me and was very polite. Once I got there I had to wait a little bit (understandably so) as I just moved up my order time by a half hr. The gentleman making my pizza was very nice and greeted me when I walked in. He did his best to get my pie ready in the shortest amount of time possible without missing any of the quality. I must say he succeeded, the pie was a hit a my house. My dad who was born and raised in Chicago, loved it. So thank you for the great service and thank you for giving me the opportunity to take a reminder of a hometown fav. back to my dad.
I ordered on line. Very easy. The food was delicious this time. Low salt, very tasty. Sadly I've found the food different every time I order. Hope they can keep this current cook.
Great service and great food at an extremely reasonable price!
Any questions please call us.